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Work with SolidarMed to demonstrate your social responsibility. Whether it's a customer event, a marketing campaign or encouraging your own employees to give charitably, we would be happy to help put your ideas into action.

The example of Revendo

Your old mobile phone, tablet or Apple computer can still be valuable. Thanks to a partnership with, it's now possible to donate your old mobile phone, computer or outdated tablet to SolidarMed.

The clever website determines the resale value of your device and this amount can then be donated to SolidarMed. A particularly valuable form of recycling for more health in Africa. Click here.

These companies also work with SolidarMed.

The following companies support SolidarMed's work and assume social responsibility this way:

Thank you very much!

We'd be happy to help you develop ideas on how to combine your product, your customer gifts or Christmas cards with a good cause.

Interested in working with us? We look forward to discussing joint projects.

Andreas Rösch

Co-Head Fundraising and Communications

Tel. +41 41 310 66 60