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Sustainable and focused

SolidarMed works with the local population to improve primary health care in rural Africa.

How SolidarMed works

We focus on the quality of medical services and on good quality, friendly, patient-centred nursing care. We invest in critical infrastructure for health facilities and help ensure they have access to water and a reliable electricity supply.

Training medical professionals

They are the basis for sustainable health care.

Working locally

Our cooperation with local partners ensures long-term development.

Using resources effectively

84 percent of the donations are used for project work.

Strengthening health means fighting poverty

The local authorities in the remote, rural project regions do not have the resources to invest in adequate health infrastructure. The health facilities lack well-trained staff and medical equipment. In response, SolidarMed supports and trains health workers. We provide equipment and improve diagnostics. We invest in the infrastructure of health facilities and help local authorities to plan and implement health programmes.

Health for all - with a focus on mothers and their children

SolidarMed is committed to the health of people in southern Africa:

  • Protect mothers, babies, children and adolescents. 
  • Combat infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.
  • Improve the quality of hospitals and health centres. 
  • Training and further education of health personnel. 
  • Strengthen village communities.

SolidarMed - Health for Africa (2017)

Internationally connected

Our projects are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of the World Health Organization (WHO).

SolidarMed contributed to 13 of the 17 SDGs in 2020.

«Together with local communities, SolidarMed is improving primary health care in rural Africa.»

Jochen Ehmer, Doctor and Executive Director of SolidarMed

Focal Areas

SolidarMed currently focuses on four core topics.

Our projects

Our projects are developed together with local partner hospitals and health authorities and are tailored to the needs of local communities.