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News & Events

Examples of our work, current news, events and information about SolidarMed.


Peter Hellmold - a passionate medical doctor

Peter Hellmold has been active for SolidarMed in Tanzania for over ten years. The doctor's work in one of the poorest countries worldwide, where poverty also affects the health of the population, is driven by his desire to make a positive impact on the world.

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Roshni Lodhia portrays Kangaroo Mother Care in a very empathetic way

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Saving children's lives

Only a few years ago, the infant mortality rate in the overcrowded emergency rooms in northern Mozambique was alarmingly high. For some time now, SolidarMed has therefore been assisting three important health facilities in the remote province of Cabo Delgado in order to improve the emergency care of children. The basis for this is a triage system based on colors.

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Successful use of HIV self-tests in rural Lesotho

Niklaus Labhardt, President of SolidarMed, together with his team at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and employees of SolidarMed, has developed a strategy to increase HIV test coverage by 20 percent in the remote areas of Lesotho. In this strategy, home visits are combined with HIV self-tests.

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94th General Assembly 2020 at the Bourbaki cinema

The General Assembly on September 5, 2020 was held for the first time in both real and virtual form at the Bourbaki cinema in Lucerne. The applicable hygiene measures were observed.

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Friendship Bench

The treatment situation for mentally ill people in Zimbabwe is disastrous. There are 15 psychiatrists and 16 psychologists for a population of 14 million people. With the "Friendship Bench" project, SolidarMed brings a talk therapy developed in Zimbabwe to very rural areas in the southeast of the country.

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Interview with Martin Ramsauer

The previous Aids & Child project leader and co-director Martin Ramsauer will continue to supervise the projects at SolidarMed. They will be integrated into SolidarMed’s programmes.

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Strengthen girls, reduce the number of early pregnancies

Nazaria Baptista is an expert in sexual health. At the health center in Ncumpe (northern Mozambique) she talks to young women and men about family planning and contraception.

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Annual Report 2019

Although we had to postpone the 94th Annual General Meeting, our annual report for 2019 will be published on time. Here you will find a detailed insight into our project work and a transparent listing of the funds used.

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A lifetime patient

Worldwide 2.8 million children live with HIV. Many are under therapy. This is not suitable for children. That is why many young people stop taking it and life-threatening resistances threaten.

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The mobile clinic starts rolling

This week, the first mobile clinic in Lesotho was inaugurated. It brings medical aid directly to people in remote villages.

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The new corona virus is a danger to Africa. Like many other diseases.

Fragile health systems in many countries in (southern) Africa are facing extra challenges to prepare for the new corona virus. But, even if the spread of the virus can be stopped before reaching Sub Saharan Africa, many dangerous diseases remain prevalent. Strengthening health systems therefore continues to be a priority.

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Making progress: Operating theatre for Namuno

The mortality rate of pregnant women and newborns in Mozambique is among the highest in the world. The first operating theatre in the remote district of Namuno will be opened this year to improve the situation.

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Into the year 2020

SolidarMed is starting the new decade with many new projects, others we are continuing. We would like to present three highlights, which we are particularly looking forward to, to you here.

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Digital X-ray machine for Chikombedzi

In the hospital in remote Chikombedzi, an X-ray machine is finally available again after seven years. This was made possible by a cooperation between the Japanese embassy and SolidarMed.

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Tuk Tuk Ambulance in Mozambique

Tuk Tuks may be slow, but they also work in regions of great poverty. Together with the ETH Lausanne researcher Sashidhar Jonnalagedda, SolidarMed is researching the potential roles of ambulance taxis.

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Cyclone Kenneth: The reconstruction begins

After the devastating cyclone, SolidarMed is assisting reconstruction efforts in the medical field.

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