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In Hyderabad, India, SolidarMed, together with the local partner organization, enables children and adolescents of families affected by HIV and poverty to live in dignity.

Densely populated peninsula

India, one of the most populous countries in the world, is not the first country that comes to mind when one thinks of HIV and AIDS. In absolute numbers, 2.1 million HIV-positive people live on the subcontinent - worldwide, India ranks third after South Africa and Nigeria. In relation to the total population, this corresponds to a prevalence rate of 0.35%. Fortunately, there is no generalized pandemic in India.

India in numbers

  • Maternal Mortality

    167 deaths per 100,000 births

  • Infant mortality under 5 years

    34.3 deaths per 1,000 births

  • HIV spread


  • Doctors per 10,000 people

    7.8 (Switzerland: 44)

Big stigma around HIV/AIDS

HIV is highly prevalent in high-risk groups, such as long-distance truck drivers or migrant workers, and among prostitutes. In these groups, prevalence reaches levels as high as in southern Africa. Those affected by HIV also suffer all the more. This is because the stigma in India is even greater than in Africa, and care for HIV-positive people is poorer.

SolidarMed in India

The children and adolescents in the project "Asha - Hope in Hyderabad" receive adequate health care and psychological support. Regular household visits and counseling sessions are held with the HIV-positive parents of the children benefiting from the project to impart knowledge about their disease and promote adherence to treatment. Beneficiaries are also accompanied to the government HIV clinic for HIV and CD-4 testing, medication collection, and health checks. In addition, SolidarMed also provides emergency assistance with the supply of the antiretroviral medications (purchase and dispensing; only if not enough are available at the clinics) and food assistance when needed. In this way, SolidarMed aims to improve the physical and mental health of HIV-positive parents and their children in the long term.

Together with the local partner organization, the "John Foundation", SolidarMed also provides vocational training for HIV-affected adolescents and young women. Some need a safe place and can only stand on their own two feet after a transitional period - for them there is a safe, temporary home near the training center.

HIV-affected children participate in daily chore assistance at the John Foundation's facilities. MR

Support services for children affected by HIV and their caregivers.

More HIV-affected children from a special neighborhood are returning to school and participating in daily chore assistance thanks to the school return program. SolidarMed works closely with their AIDS-affected parents or guardians to keep them alive and stabilize the families. In addition, SolidarMed provides improved protection against HIV and AIDS in the slums of the neighborhood. Through the network, SolidarMed distributes condoms and provides information on safer sex.


Patrick Thomas

Programmes Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, India

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Project in India

SolidarMed and its local project partner, the "John Foundation" in Hyderabad, care for HIV/AIDS-affected children and adolescents by promoting school education through the operation of tutoring centers and by conducting vocational training courses.


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