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Expansion of training model throughout Zambia

A game-changing approach to training nurses that was trialled by SolidarMed has proven effective in Zambia. The Ministry of Health and the Nursing and Midwifery Council are now rolling it out nationwide.

Prospective midwives attend a training session at St. Lukes College of Nursing. 

With the generous support of the Hilti Foundation and the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED), SolidarMed has been trialling a game-changing approach to nurses’ training since 2015. As in many places, nurses are also the cornerstone of the health service in Zambia. But there is a huge shortage of healthcare professionals. SolidarMed relies on a decentralised model where a number of health centres are assigned to a training hospital. Trainee nurses then rotate between these institutions and are thereby able to acquire a range of clinical experience. This not only increases the number of practical training places, but also the quality of the training. The benefits of this system have now been shown in three of Zambia’s ten provinces. Both Zambia’s Ministry of Health and the Nursing and Midwifery Council have approved the decentralised model and the associated combined curriculum and decided to implement it throughout the country. SolidarMed is assisting the partners on this project, particular with strategic planning.

Colleges of Nursing in Sambia (blue = previous nursing colleges, red = new nursing colleges

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