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Project films Zambia

In the autumn of 2022, three short films were made about SolidarMed's project focus areas in Zambia. They were realised by Lucius Müller on behalf of SolidarMed.

The short reports provide an insight into the training of medical licentiates and nurses, and the provision of housing for health workers in Zambia. The films are in English with German subtitles.

Filling the Gap - Scaling decentralised Nurse Education in Zambia

Discover how SolidarMed, in partnership with the Hilti Foundation and the Lichtenstein Development Service, is transforming nurse education in Zambia. With a critical shortage of health professionals hindering the country's development and impacting the well-being of its population, SolidarMed has pioneered a decentralized approach to nurse training. Unlike the traditional centralized model, the Decentralized Nurse Training Model focuses on underserved rural nursing colleges and leverages existing rural hospitals and clinics to create a networked ecosystem of practical training sites. This innovative approach allows students to gain early hands-on experience, develop crucial clinical skills, and assist short-staffed hospitals and clinics in patient management. The benefits are far-reaching.

Housing for Health - A sustainable solution to the housing deficit in Zambia

Discover how SolidarMed's social enterprise, SolidarInvest, is revolutionizing the housing situation for health care workers in rural areas of Zambia. With the aim of attracting and retaining medical professionals in these underserved regions, SolidarInvest builds and renovates staff houses at health facilities. By providing affordable rental options and maintaining these homes, SolidarInvest ensures that all houses are occupied and tenants are eager to stay long-term. As a result, health care in the region is increasing.

Working together - Advancing Clinical Education in Zambia.

Join us as we delve into Zambia's innovative approach to tackling the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals through decentralized vocational clinical education hubs. Zambia has identified ten tertiary hospitals across its ten provinces to serve as teaching and learning centers, fostering rapid skills acquisition and practical training.

Support the training of healthcare workers

Your support helps to ensure that sick and injured people in rural Africa receive proper medical care. Thank you very much!