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Interview with Martin Ramsauer


The previous Aids & Child project leader and co-director Martin Ramsauer will continue to supervise the projects at SolidarMed. They will be integrated into SolidarMed’s programmes.

HIV/AIDS affected families in the informal settlements of East London (South Africa) are not left to suffer alone with their concerns and needs, but rather are aided by social workers.

What do you hope for your existing projects under the umbrella of SolidarMed?

My wish is that the medical components of our projects will be further reinforced by SolidarMed’s know-how. In addition, I hope that some projects will also be considerably expanded, as this would not be possible without our collaboration with SolidarMed, and that we thus contribute to more HIV/AIDSaffected children being able to lead healthy and independent lives with dignity.

How does a project in India fit in with the projects in Africa?

Aids & Child operated in India because the need of HIV-affected people there is as large as that in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many HIV-positive people in India still have no access to the vital medicines and the huge stigmatisation results in social isolation and in some cases to expulsion of children from school.

How do you rate the threat of HIV for children in 2020?

Luckily, mother-to-child transmission has significantly declined in past years thanks to the appropriate protective measures around the world and even in our mission countries. The largest risk group for new infections in Southern Africa consists of 15–24-year old young women, which is a result of poverty. We must put an end to the vicious cycle of poverty and HIV through a holistic approach – only thus will we be successful in reducing the threat represented by this virus.

What strengths of A&C should SolidarMed make absolutely sure to continue to foster?

The success of our work is based on four main pillars: our close and very personal cooperation on equal footing with local partner organisations, our close proximity to those receiving assistance, our holistic approach and our long-term commitment. SolidarMed was the partner of choice for Aids & Child because we think, and hope, that we can continue to stay on this successful path under the new umbrella