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Peter Hellmold - a passionate medical doctor


Peter Hellmold has been active for SolidarMed in Tanzania for over ten years. The doctor's work in one of the poorest countries worldwide, where poverty also affects the health of the population, is driven by his desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Peter Hellmold is working for SolidarMed in Tanzania as a doctor and additionally as a project manager for the health of newborn babies in the remote Malinyi district.

A doctor with know-how in various fields

For many years Peter Hellmold has bee the head of the hospital in Lugala. In this context, he was also active as a consultant in clinical questions and responsible for the training of specialist staff. Within the scope of his mandate for SolidarMed, he contributed with his commitment to developing the hospital's nursing school into a state-approved diploma school. Hellmold is convinced that education is the foundation for the further development of Tanzania.


Peter Hellmold with the SolidarMed team in Tanzania.

Motivated staff keep the projects in the South on-going

Before SolidarMed became involved in Lugala, the hospital lacked resources and expertise. 
Currently Peter Hellmold is working as a project manager for the health of newborn babies in the remote Malinyi district. An important task - considering the newborn mortality rate in Tanzania is among the highest in the world. As part of this project, Peter Hellmold is committed to expand the district's health facilities to enable medically assisted births in the village health posts. Long-standing employees in the South are of great value to SolidarMed. They drive the projects forward over many years.


Newborn project Malinyi