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Saving lives with surgery


On September 28, the official inauguration ceremony of the operating room at the health center in Namuno, Mozambique took place. The operating room is of great importance for the region, since the nearest surgical center is located in Montepuez, which is difficult to reach and very congested, depending on road conditions.

Reception committee at the beginning of the opening ceremony of the operating room.

The mortality of pregnant women and newborns in Mozambique is among the highest in the world. For every 100,000 births, 289 women and 2,850 newborns die. Two of the main reasons for this are home births in unsanitary conditions, without access to life-saving medical care. In addition, health workers are often unable to provide adequate emergency care, such as cesarean section, when women give birth at a health center.

The newly opened operating room is changing this situation for the better, offering the opportunity to provide women and their children with the medical care they need without long delays. In addition, 15,000 people need surgery for other reasons and now have the opportunity to do so in close proximity.

Shortly after the opening, the first emergency cesarean section was performed. The mother and her child are doing well.

From right to left at the official opening ceremony: district administrator, state director of health, governor, Swiss Ambassador Olivier Bürki, state coordinator Barbara Kruspan.

The governor takes those present on a tour of the operating room and explains how it works.

Reception committee at the beginning of the opening ceremony of the operating room.