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Webinar: Humanitarian Crisis in Mozambique

Humanitarian crisis away from the public eye: The number of internally displaced people in Mozambique has risen to over 800,000. The need is great. Barbara Kruspan, Country Director of SolidarMed in Mozambique, gives an insight into the situation on the ground.

More than 800,000 people - mainly women and children - have left their homes in their villages in the north of Cabo Delgado province and sought safety in the south of the province in fear of non-state and heavily armed groups. Since the middle of the year, the southern districts of Ancuabe and Chiúre have also been affected by attacks. Many people are repeatedly forced to leave their homes and once again lose everything. The humanitarian need is great. In the provincial capital of Pemba, the number of people has increased fourfold almost overnight. In addition to a lack of shelter or food, hospitals and health facilities are overloaded due to the sudden increase in population.

As a long-standing partner, SolidarMed remains on site and tries to reduce the great need of the population. The team provides emergency aid and supports the health centres.


(Recording webinar, 26.10.2022. The conversation was held in German)