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News & Events

Examples of our work, current news, events and information about SolidarMed.


What is a country programme?

At SolidarMed, we’re always talking about country programmes. Perhaps you’ve wondered exactly what they are. This page uses Tanzania as an example to explain how a programme is structured.

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Expansion of training model throughout Zambia

A game-changing approach to training nurses that was trialled by SolidarMed has proven effective in Zambia. The Ministry of Health and the Nursing and Midwifery Council are now rolling it out nationwide.

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When children have children

The shockingly high number of teenage pregnancies worldwide is both a problem for health and for society. Besides major risks for mother and child and a greater likelihood of fatal complications, teenage pregnancy also jeopardises girls' social and financial future.

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SolidarMed Door2Door Campaign 2023

From mid-March to around the end of May, a dedicated team is touring in the city of Lucerne to recruit new donors for SolidarMed. We thank them for their valuable and energetic commitment to the people of rural Africa.

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From development project to locally-managed business

Since 2012, SolidarMed has been building houses for staff with the support of the Hilti Houndation to provide attractive accommodation at remote healthcare facilities.

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