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Great need in Mozambique

The humanitarian crisis in northern Mozambique is hitting the poorest of the poor. Help us to reduce the suffering in Mozambique.

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Emergency call from Mozambique

Our Director, Jochen Ehmer, contacted us on 07.07.2022 with an urgent call directly from the province of Cabo Delgado.

800'000 people are fleeing from Islamist rebels in the north of Mozambique. SolidarMed Director Jochen Ehmer visited the camps and reports directly.

Renewed attacks by rebel groups

After signs of calming down, several violent riots have occurred again in Cabo Delgado province in the north of Mozambique in recent days. The violent attacks are putting the province of Cabo Delgado in fear. The living conditions of the now already more than 700,000 thousand refugees in the country are fatal. Many of the children are malnourished. Water is very scarce and most are cut off from medical care.

The hospitals and health facilities in the Cabo Delgado district are overloaded due to the large number of refugees. In recent months, 80,000 people have fled to the district. The number of people has thus increased by a third overnight to 350,000. There is not only a lack of medical staff to care for the many people: there are no sterile gloves for deliveries, no antibiotics, no suture material for cuts, no tests for malaria. Nevertheless, the doctors do not give up and do as much as they can with the little material they have. 

The violent attacks by criminal groups since 2017 triggered refugee flows to the southern and already distressed districts of Ancuabe and Chiúre. The red triangles mark health centres run by SolidarMed. The blue triangles refer to resettlement villages located in SolidarMed's catchment area.

People in need - SolidarMed remains

Our SolidarMed team in Mozambique remains on the ground and tries to reduce the great need of the people: SolidarMed provides emergency medical care with mobile clinics. Refugee women suffering from sexual violence receive counselling and treatment. In order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, hygiene kits and mosquito nets are distributed to the refugees. In addition, SolidarMed supports the hospital and the surrounding health centres. Under the leadership of the country director in Mozambique, Barbara Kruspan, SolidarMed is taking a stand in this dangerous situation and providing emergency aid against hunger and disease.

There are now over 700,000 internally displaced people in Mozambique - many of whom were seeking refuge in the southern districts of Ancuabe and Chiúre and live in simple resettlement villages. Now this region is also affected by terrorist attacks.

Since the beginning of the attacks, many resettlement villages have sprung up in the south of Cabo Delgado province. People live in small spaces - often cut off from medical care. Access to clean water is often non-existent.

The proportion of pregnant women and small children among the refugees is particularly high. They are often cut off from medical care in the remote resettlement villages.

Mobile health teams supported by SolidarMed provide care to refugees in particularly remote resettlement villages.

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The situation in Mozambique is precarious. Our projects help to reduce the suffering on the ground and to strengthen the health system.

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