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Zimbabwe: Heart attacks on the rise

Inadequate care for cardiovascular diseases leads to premature deaths. Many patients suffer from a threatening combination of diseases.

A double burden

Zimbabwe's health system is buckling under the strain of a double burden of disease. Infectious diseases are still responsible for the highest number of deaths. Yet at the same time, cases of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer have nearly doubled since the turn of the millennium. The result is worsening patient care.

Key project facts

  • Project Goal

    Patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes receive better medical care.

  • Target Groups

    Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure in rural areas.

  • Milestones

    Health staff are trained, the population knows about non-communicable diseases and patient care is improved.

Key project facts



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The project in a nutshell

Non-communicable diseases are responsible for nearly a third of all deaths in Zimbabwe. This is a pressing health problem. Yet people know little about these diseases and diagnostic tools are often lacking. SolidarMed helps ensure that high blood pressure and diabetes are correctly diagnosed and treated.

In Zimbabwe, chronic diseases are poorly controlled. Many patients don't know they are affected, or suffer in silence. Complications such as kidney failure, blindness and amputations are the result. In response, the Ministry of Health has declared non-communicable diseases a priority.

SolidarMed supports the Ministry of Health in the early detection of diabetes and hypertension in the districts of Zaka, Bikita and Chiredzi and helps provide appropriate treatment. We train the hospital staff so that they learn to recognise and treat these diseases. For example, we supervise and support the staff in performing eye screenings to prevent blindness.

SolidarMed provides blood pressure and blood sugar monitors and supports the authorities with the procurement of the necessary medicines and equipment. We carry out health campaigns in the villages and educate the population about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Your donation helps

Thanks to your valuable donation, our local staff can raise awareness about diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, we can train staff from six hospitals in treating patients with chronic diseases. Thank you very much!

More Information

Chronic diseases pose major challenges to the health systems of our project countries. They are additional burden alongside dangerous infectious diseases such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.