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Mozambique: Emergency transport to hospital

To hospital by motorbike ambulance

There is hardly any motorised transport for medical emergencies in northern Mozambique. This can become a deadly risk for mother and child if there are pregnancy complications. Together with a local cooperative, SolidarMed is testing a new ambulance model.

Key project facts

  • Project Goal

    Free emergency transport to the closest health centre.

  • Target Groups

    Emergency patients in Chiúre district in the north of Mozambique.

  • Milestones

    Successful pilot phase. The model can be transformed into an independent company or cooperative.

Key project facts



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The project in a nutshell

SolidarMed is testing an emergency transport system in Chiúre district with the goal of making it self-sustaining. Selected drivers use their vehicles to transport emergency patients to hospital or the closest health centre without charge. The aim is to give pregnant women, new mothers and newborn babies in particular access to better medical care. The rest of the time, the drivers can use the vehicle as a taxi to transport people or goods. This combined model should make free emergency trips possible and at the same time provide the driver with an independent income.


A tuk-tuk ambulance drives through Chiúre in Cabo Delgado province in northern Mozambique.

Outside of her duty driving as an ambulance, the driver works as a self-employed cab driver.

A simple, padded couch also allows pregnant women to be transported.

The local company Okalihera rents the motorbike ambulances to selected drivers who meet certain conditions. They need to be trained in First Aid, for example. The company pays for the maintenance of the motorbikes. The drivers can use the bikes for private transports and so secure a modest income for themselves. In return, they committ themselves to providing emergency transport at any time - free of charge to the patients.

SolidarMed is committed to environmentally friendly solutions. For this reason, we are also currently developing a solar-powered e-bike ambulance.

Essential Tech EPFL - YouTube Video: OkaTaxi - Taxi and emergency transport at the same time

Your donation helps

With your valuable donation, we can continue developing this transport system in rural Mozamqbiue and carry on our work on a sustainable and robust e-bike ambulance. Thank you very much!

Currently in the media

SRF journalist Juerg Oehninger visited our innovative Moto-Ambulanz project in Mozambique. A podcast about new approaches in development aid.

SRF mitand: 10.06.2019

SRF Podcast: Input Story. 27.11.2019 | Welche Hilfe hilft? SRF Journalist Jürg Oehninger hat die Moto-Ambulanz in einer Reportage besucht.

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