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Mozambique: An operating theatre for Namuno

Caesarean sections save lives

In the remote district of Namuno, too many women continue to die from childbirth complications. SolidarMed is building an operating theatre at the most important health centre in the region to make safe births possible.

Key project facts

  • Project Goal

    The health centre in Namuno has an operating theatre. The overall quality of medical care is improved.

  • Target Groups

    Expectant mothers and their unborn children.

  • Milestones

    Long-term commitment to the district; the number of births under medical supervision is increasing.

Key project facts



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The project in a nutshell

There are around 11'000 births a year in Namuno. By global standards, mothers and children in Mozambique face a very high risk of dying from childbirth complications. Every week, at least one woman in Namuno dies in childbirth because she gave birth without medical support, or because there is no proper emergency care available.

Currently, it is not possible to perform a caesarean section anywhere in the district - neither at the hospital in Namuno, nor in the rural health centres. Complicated cases must be referred to Montepuez hospital in the neighbouring district. It is not uncommon for mother and child to pay for this delay with their lives.

The construction of an operating theatre has already proved to be an effective investment for lasting improvements to the health of the population. The operating theatre in Metoro (Ancuabe district) benefits everyone - including mothers and their children.

SolidarMed is building an operating theatre at the existing hospital in Namuno. We make sure it has electricity and running water and procure the necessary medical equipment. The authorities are responsible for staffing this facility with specialist personnel once the operating theatre is handed over. SolidarMed funds further training for these health professionals and supports them with mentoring and surgical teaching to ensure they provide high-quality emergency obstetric care.

Mit dem Wiederaufbau und der Überarbeitung von Brunnen, wird die Wasserqualität verbessert. 

Mit der Verbesserung der sanitären Bedingungen wird die Dorfgesundheit verbessert.

Your donation helps

With your valuable support, we can build an operating theatre in Namuno with running water and a reliable power supply. This will make thousands of births safer. Thank you very much!

More Information

The lack of an operating theatre is not the only major obstacle to better health in rural Africa. Another major hurdle is the lack of staff. Read more about what SolidarMed is doing to prevent health professionals migrating to the cities.