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Tanzania: Hope for newborn babies

Thanks to SolidarMed's activities, newborn babies and their mothers receive better quality care.

Supporting newborns and their mothers

In the remote district of Malinyi, newborns and young mothers face many health risks. Five in 1000 Tanzanian mothers do not survive the birth of their child. And for every 1000 babies born, 22 die within their first month of life. SolidarMed's goal is to improve this situation by 2021.

Key project facts

  • Project Goal

    The quality of care for mothers and their newborns is improved. There is an increase in the number of births under medical supervision.

  • Target Groups

    Pregnant women, mothers and their infants

  • Milestones

    Pregnant women and mothers with newborn babies gain confidence in good medical care. Mobile clinics in the villages facilitate access to antenatal care and counselling.

Key project facts



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The project in a nutshell

SolidarMed raises awareness within communities and trains community health workers in the villages as well as health facility staff in better care for newborn babies. This includes advice on breastfeeding, family planning and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Teenagers and young adults receive particular attention. In addition, we support nurses in clinical supervision to ensure better quality medical care in the long-term.

To give women in Tanzania the option of giving birth under medical supervision, SolidarMed renovates the most neglected health posts in Malinyi district.

We equip the health facilities with the necessary material for a safe birth, like birth kits for example. And we train the staff in emergency obstetric care.

Vaccinating infants is one of the most effective measures to prevent many infectious diseases. Malinyi, Tanzania.

Thank to the mobile clinic, children can get their routine check-ups in the village.


Lugala as reference centre for complicated cases

SolidarMed strengthens the hospital in Lugala in its role as reference centre for complicated cases. Expectant mothers are given savings vouchers for childbirth costs. This incentive encourages them to give birth in hospital rather than at home. In addition, we are setting up a small ward for mothers with premature babies that require special care. We provide Lugala Hospital with the necessary medical equipment and train its health staff.

Your donation helps

With your valuable donation, we can improve the health of newborns, adolescents and young mothers in Malinyi in the long-term. Thank you very much!

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