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Access to good health care

SolidarMed's vision is to provide all people in southern and eastern Africa with access to good health care.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which all people have equitable access to good, affordable health care and can so exercise their right to dignity, self-determination and the best possible health at every stage of life.

Our Mandate

We strengthen existing medical facilities and train local health personnel. Our projects are developed in close cooperation with local partners such as hospitals, health centres and health authorities, supported by our health experts on the ground. We focus on expanding and improving preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health care.

Our focal areas are

  • the health of mothers, children and adolescents
  • combating diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and diabetes
  • improving the quality of treatment in hospitals and health centres
  • training and further professional development of health workers.

We promote local development and the transfer of innovations. As a catalyst and driving force, we develop and pilot new solutions to strengthen health systems. 

In Switzerland, SolidarMed creates awareness of the health needs of people in rural Africa. As a Swiss non-profit organisation with the Zewo certificate, SolidarMed works efficiently, conscientiously and transparently. SolidarMed continuously monitors the effectiveness of all projects and adapts them accordingly.

A pregnancy consultation with a village midwife in Lupiro, Tanzania.

Our Values


Our commitment is founded on solidarity and partnership. The name SolidarMed bears witness to this.

Social equity

We are committed to ensuring that all people can exercise their right to physical and mental health without discrimination, regardless of age, circumstance, gender, religion, place of residence or income.

Self-determined development

Health enables people to lead self-determined lives and realise their potential. We respect and promote the right to self-determined individual and social development.


Professional competence, experience, trust and credibility form the basis and the capital of our work. SolidarMed behaves fairly, transparently and respectfully towards its employees, donors, partners and the local population.


We stand for reliable, binding and value-preserving development which balances social, ecological and economic concerns.

Our Principles

Equal Partnership 

Our commitment is based on equal partnerships with common goals and projects. We work with civil society, the private sector and government actors and promote exchange among the partners involved. We design our programmes in a coherent manner, complementing the initiatives of other actors and in line with national goals. We avoid duplication.

Learning and Professional Validation

We are a learning organisation and, together with our partners, systematically and scientifically review the results and impact of our programmes and projects. Our programmes are based on scientifically founded strategies in line with national and international standards. We pursue proven strategies and do not reinvent the wheel. We are committed to the principle of "do no harm".

Fair Use of Resources

We behave fairly, transparently and respectfully, both externally and internally. Our commitments to partners and employees are binding and reliable. We maintain open communication. Competence and trust are the basis of our work. We deploy our staff to train, support, advise and act as catalysts for change. We use funds and donations efficiently and in accordance with recognised quality standards. We promote good governance and the fight against corruption both internally and externally.


Jochen Ehmer MD


Tel. +41 41 310 66 60

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SolidarMed is an association under Swiss law. The aim of the association is to promote medical care in countries of the South.

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