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Strengthening hospitals

Hospitals and health centres are the backbone of medical care in rural Africa. SolidarMed strengthens and expands existing services.

Healthy hospitals

Without a reliable supply of electricity and water, hospitals and health centres in rural Africa face major challenges. SolidarMed supports existing hospitals and ensures they can operate effectively.

Vaccines, medicines and blood reserves spoil if they are not kept cool. Surgery is impossible without light. The hospitals supported by SolidarMed often lack the essentials: water, sterile instruments or disinfectants and even soap.

But birth is only safe if there are blood reserves available for emergencies. It helps if the blood bank is powered by solar energy rather than relying on mains power. Maintaining proper hygienic standards is impossible without running water. To survive malaria, health staff must first recognise the emergency and then have the appropriate treatment available.

SolidarMed imparts knowledge, assists hospitals and health centres with management issues, renovates infrastructure and procures medical materials and equipment.

Medical competence and quality creates trust among the population. SolidarMed sustainably strengthens the health centres and hospitals in remote districts so that they can continue to make an important contribution to basic medical care.

Antenatal care in Butha Buthe Hospital, Lesotho. SolidarMed supports the training and professional development of medical staff.

Where the quality of medical care for pregnant women, mothers and newborns is good, the number of births under medical supervision increases. Image: Delivery ward, Butha Butha Hospital, Lesotho.

Antenatal care in Butha Buthe Hospital, Lesotho.

Your donation makes a difference

With your help, we can strengthen the health centres and district hospitals in rural Africa and significantly improve primary health care services for around 2,5 million people.

SolidarMed Projects

In northern Mozambique, SolidarMed is building an operating theatre in the most important health centre in the remote district of Namuno. In Zambia, SolidarMed is building staff houses to motivate health professionals to remain in rural areas. Find out more here.