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Partner for Health

SolidarMed is the Swiss NPO for Health in Africa. Medically competent, locally rooted and at eye level.

Our Vision

We are committed to a world in which all people have equal access to good, affordable health care.

Access to basic health care for all

SolidarMed creates access to basic health care for all people and thus enables the right to dignity, self-determination and health.

Solidarity and partnership are at the heart of all of our activities. We strive for social balance and promote self-determined development. SolidarMed behaves fairly, transparently and respectfully towards the local population, donors, partners and its employees. Professional competence, experience, trust and credibility form the basis of our work.

The focus of SolidarMed's work is on people and their health care.

We promote the training of health staff: nurses, midwives and doctors. (Image: Nursing student at Edgar Maranta School of Nursing, Ifakara, Tanzania)

We pay special attention to mothers and their children, as they are a particularly vulnerable in rural Africa. (Image: A mobile mother-and-child clinic in Malinyi, Tanzania)

Good antenatal and postnatal care protects mothers and children in southern Africa from a high risk of mortality. (Image: A mobile mother-and-child clinic in Malinyi, Tanzania)

Family planning is an important component of all SolidarMed programmes. (Image: A hospital nurse in Chìure, Mozambique).

SolidarMed supports youth activities to raise awareness of issues like sexuality, family planning or educational opportunities. (Image: Youth group in Chikombedzi, Zimbabwe)

Active since 1926

SolidarMed combines up-to-date knowledge with many years of experience.

Working locally

Our cooperation with local partners ensures long-term development.

Using resources effectively

84 percent of the donations are used for project work.

Eight countries - one team

We have over 150 people working in seven countries in southern Africa as well as in Hyderabad, India, to improve health care for local communities. SolidarMed strengthens health systems and so contributes to the sustainable development goals. 

The activities in Hyderabad, Kenya, Mozambique, Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe are supported by a team in Lucerne.

About the team

Contact form and address

«SolidarMed is committed to a world in which all people have equal access to good health care.»

Niklaus Labhardt, specialist in Infectious Diseases and President of SolidarMed

Our History

SolidarMed has always been a child of its time. We began as a Catholic organisation in the 1920s. Since then, SolidarMed has completely transformed itself into an organisation that focuses on "helping people to help themselves" and the right of every individual to decent health care. What has remained unchanged is our solidarity with people in need.

SolidarMed in the course of time

A Swiss nun gives anatomy lessons for local staff in Ifakara, Tanzania. Image undated.

Further reading

Annual Report 2020

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Statutes SolidarMed

SolidarMed is an association under Swiss law. The aim of the association is to promote medical care in countries of the South.

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