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Once southern Africa's great hope, Zimbabwe today is in political and economic crisis. SolidarMed helps safeguard access to health care for the most vulnerable.

Double burden of disease

Zimbabwe's health care system struggles under a double burden. Infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis are still a serious threat to most people in the country. At the same time, chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are on the rise. This is an extreme challenge for the country's weak health system.

Zimbabwe in Numbers

  • Maternal mortality rate

    470 deaths per 100'000 births

  • Infant mortality under 5 years of age

    89 Todesfälle auf 1'000 Geburten

  • HIV prevalence

    16.7 % (every 6th person is HIV positive)

  • Doctors per 10'000 persons

    0.8 (Switzerland: 44)

Zimbabwe in Numbers



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SolidarMed in Zimbabwe

SolidarMed improves the health of around 700'000 people in districts of Zaka, Bikita and Chiredzi in the south of the country. One focus is on the treatment of patients with HIV and tuberculosis. However, treating high blood pressure and diabetes is becoming increasingly important as well. As in the other project countries, SolidarMed concentrates in particular on the health of mothers and children.

Infectious and chronic diseases

HIV and tuberculosis are widespread in the province of Masvingo. SolidarMed supports health facilities and local authorities in identifying the two diseases at an early stage and treating the patients immediately. Thanks to SolidarMed, more and more people are gaining access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy.

Chronic diseases such as blood sugar or high blood pressure cause approximately one third of all deaths in Zimbabwe. The prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes have been a central aspect of SolidarMed's projects since 2018. 

SolidarMed cares for the most vulnerable. Mothers and children are the focus of the projects.

Chronic diseases are on the rise in Zimbabwe. At the same time, people continue to suffer from malnutrition, malaria or even outbreaks of cholera. A challenging double burden for the health system.

The economic situation in Zimbabwe results in shortages the health sector too. Health facilities lack doctors, nurses, sometimes even electricity and running water.

Many health facilities in Zimbabwe lack medical equipment. Without ultrasound, the midwives check the baby's heartbeat by ear.

When basic medicines are lacking, SolidarMed provides replacements within the framework of humanitarian aid.

Where there are too few doctors, the nursing staff play an even more important role. SolidarMed accompanies them in their work with professional input.

SolidarMed supports five rural hospitals in the south of Zimbabwe so that they can ensure basic medical care.

#eHealth - Digital health care

Health care is being digitised in Africa too. SolidarMed cooperates with local software developers and health experts. Together, our local partners develop software and apps for diagnosis, patient safety or monitoring hospital equipment. SolidarMed pursues a bottom-up approach, aligned to local needs. Monthly hackathons have resulted in useful applications that significantly improve healthcare. Some of the apps we've developed include an app that reminds patients of their next doctors appointment and one that helps medical professionals make the right diagnosis.

Programmers and computer experts meet once a month for a Hackathon. They design concepts for new apps and programmes for hospitals and health facilities.

Project manager Ronald Manhibi discusses a new app for a rural health center with two midwives.

Gertjan van Stam summarizes ongoing eHealth projects at a hackathon.


Laura Ruckstuhl PhD

Programme Zimbabwe

Tel. +41 41 310 66 60

Your donation is effective

Our projects are financed by donations, contributions from foundations and public institutions. Only in this way can we make a decisive contribution to health care. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Our projects in Zimbabwe

SolidarMed is committed to the health of newborns, mothers and adolescents. We support the authorities with various initiatives to improve basic medical care in the province of Masvingo. Together with local partners, we are developing promising eHealth projects.


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