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Legacies and bequests

By leaving a gift to SolidarMed in your will, you help provide effective and lasting health care in southern Africa.

Leave a mark, give the gift of health

Pass on hope for the future: When you leave a gift to SolidarMed in your will, you make a valuable contribution to improving the health of many people in the poorest regions of Africa.

«Your solidarity with others can live on even after you've gone. Leaving a legacy to SolidarMed gives the gift of health to many people living in poverty.»

Nik Hartmann, Presenter and SolidarMed goodwill ambassador

Legacies and bequests allow SolidarMed to provide long-term, sustainable help. Leave a valuable gift for future generations: decent health care. Bequests to charitable organisations are exempt from inheritance tax. Undiminished, these gifts benefit those in need.

For personal advice and to order our legacy information pack, please contact us via telephone or email. There is also a short brochure with additional information available for you to download.

Contact us via email

All queries will be handled with the strictest confidence.

I am here to answer your questions about legacies and bequests.

Andrea Schneeberger

Donor Management

Tel. +41 41 310 66 60

Help in making your will

Our partner provides useful online help on wills and testaments, patient decrees or funeral planning. An online tool helps you draw up a valid will. Note: this information is available in German only and targets Swiss citizens.


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